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Hi, I’m Angela, founder of I Run Success and I help runners like you enjoy running more and get injured less.

How it all began

Before I started I Run Success I had a high flying career in financial services working in various sales and business development roles in London and Sydney. I even created a brand new global derivatives trading platform! (Stay with me, I’ll get to the running part soon). 

When I started my career in finance, after graduating in Geography from Oxford University where I had been a keen rower, I always knew I had to do something to keep fit, and that’s when I took up running because my work schedule didn’t allow me to continue rowing.

As the years went on, I loved running more and more, as an escape from my stressful job. It was also a great way to explore a new place, and the explorer in me always remembered the words emblazoned on the wall of my high school geography department:

“The best geography is learnt through the soles of one’s feet.”.

The power of the London Marathon

Shortly after returning to the UK from Australia, I watched the London Marathon on TV and wrote these words in my journal:

“As I watch the London marathon today from the comfort of my home, what strikes me is the determination in the elite runners faces, the smiles on the faces of all competitors. It’s such a great atmosphere and in some sense getting to the start line is a win for everybody. To run 26.2 miles is a fantastic achievement. I think of those who a) don’t exercise, and b) don’t do much for anyone else. The marathon is the antithesis of this and demonstrates fantastic achievement. Think of what it would take for you to run a marathon?”…

Then, around 6 months later, around the same time I was awarded a charity place in the 2011 London Marathon, my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Running became EVEN MORE important… my lifeline and my therapy.  After 20 months he died. I started hating my job and I got injured. I could no longer use running as my lifeline as I was so run-down and injured.

It was a really dark time for me, and you can read more about how I dealt with this in my blog post Running from Depression.

I’d had enough

After a particularly bad day at work, on the train home I wrote down the things I would need to do to start my own running business.

One of these was fix my injuries so I could run again. Another was qualify for the Boston Marathon to show my training processes worked. And another pretty important one was to get qualified as a personal trainer.

I signed up with Future Fit Training that evening, and began studying part-time alongside my job. It would take me about a year to get through all the training and exams, and I qualified as a REPs Level 3 personal trainer with Merit (which I was told is quite rare at the practical exam for anyone to get above just a pass).

Starting I Run Success

This meant I could start building my business, and I totally love it.

I particularly love helping people understand how their body is supposed to work in running from a biomechanical, physiological, psychological and nutritional perspective.

As well as being a REPs Level 3 personal trainer, I have additional qualifications in pre- and post-natal, core training, kettlebell training, exercise referral for chronic conditions, rock-taping[link], nutrition for health and wellness and sports nutrition.

I’ve run over 15 marathons including qualifying for and running the 2016 Boston Marathon.

And I have a few podium finishes too:

  • 1st Female Mersea Round the Island 2015
  • 3rd Female pair with Sarah Attwood at Thunder Run 24 hour race 2015
  • 2nd Mixed pair with Danny Aldis at Spitfire Scramble 24 hour race 2016
  • 1st Unattached female (unattached to a running club, not unattached, I’m married before anyone asks… and now I am a member of a running club) Tarpley 20, 2015


And just to prove how much I love running, I’m also one of the founding team of the Colchester Castle parkrun, and run direct there regularly since it started back in 2013, And I’m the trainer for Goodgym Colchester which launched in August 2016.

How Can I Run Success Help you?

Now, I help runners just like you to understand yourself better so you can run faster, more efficiently with less susceptibility to injury, and this ensures you enjoy your running more.  Check out my work with me page to learn more about how I do this.

I’m so proud to have created an online business that can help runners no matter where they are in the world. I’m based in sunny Colchester, and Natalie, one of my I Run Success Coaching clients, is based in sunny Australia!

Here are some of the runners I’ve helped already:



Meera on her way to a pb at Colchester Half Marathon

To learn more about I Run Success, watch the Love Running 3 part-video series here:

About the I Run Success founder

Angela Isherwood is the founder of I Run Success

She has run over 15 marathons and is a London Marathon Good for Age Qualifier and a Boston Marathon Qualifier. She is a REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer, a parkrun Run Director and Trainer for Goodgym Colchester.

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