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Hey, how’s it going?  This page will tell you all you need to know about I Run Success Coaching.  I want you to subscribe to I Run Success Coaching because it is THE BEST coaching programme for busy runners.

I know why you’re here!


  • Running is an important part of your life for both your physical and mental health as well as your sense of achievement
  • You're confused about all the conflicting advice and information out there and you just want something that works
  • You want to enjoy your running and be confident that each run you do has a meaningful purpose
  • You want to get that next pb without an annoying injury derailing you


Read on if you have questions and to learn about I Run Success Coaching, THE BEST coaching programme for busy runners.


Here's what you get:

1) Personalised training plan

No cookie cutters here.  The plan is complete tailored to your current level of fitness AND your lifestyle.  If long runs on Sundays are logistically impossible then your long run wont be on a Sunday!


2) Personalised Strength plan

Strength is important, especially if you want to race better and avoid injuries.  Your strength plan is personalised to you and the equipment you have available. The videos ensure you know exactly what you're doing.


3) Three tier accountability

Accountability is given through a chat facility on your training plan, fortnightly coaching calls and email.

Knowing that there is someone looking at what you've done really makes sure you stick to the plan. This accountability can also help to highlight any danger areas so that injury and overtraining risk are managed.


4) Interaction and Feedback

This is perhaps the most important element of the I Run Success Coaching programme. Through your personalised plan and coaching calls you get to speak to a real person who lives and breaths running.

If you have fears, doubts, challenges, chances are, I've had them too. With my ability to look at the bigger picture I'll be able to help you solve the problem so that it doesn't become bigger than it really is.



If I were to guess the top 10 questions you would have about subscribing today, they would be these:

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Q. Time is by far my biggest struggle when it comes to my running, how can I Run Success help?

I get it.  Before I worked in the fitness industry I had a demanding corporate job and at least 2 hours of commuting daily.  I understand just how frustrating it can be to try and fit running in around your job, family and social life, and this is one of the main reasons I created I Run Success.

Through your initial consultation and ongoing coaching calls we will work together to devise a realistic plan for you with the time you have available. You will no longer face that daily decision of training versus something else, as the training will be specifically tailored to your lifestyle.

Q. I really don't like the gym, do I HAVE to do strength training?

Most people who don't like the gym dislike it because they don't know what they're doing in there, or don't understand the benefits.  With I Run Success Coaching, you'll know exactly what you're doing as you'll receive instructional videos on how to do each exercise.

As for the gym, whilst I particularly like the idea of going to a specific place to do your strength training as it allows you to focus and concentrate, there's no reason you can't do your strength training at home. Because I Run Success Coaching is completely tailored to you, the strength work will also be according to what equipment you have available to you.

Q. There are so many training plans available for free; why should I pay for yours?

I Run Success Coaching is about much more than your training plan.  Many plans online for free offer nothing or very little by way of accountability, injury management, strength or what to do if you have a wedding to attend followed by 5 days of travel due to your job. They also often assume that you are always available every weekend for a long run and that your races only ever fall every 4th week.

If running is important to you, and you want to get better at it, at some stage, the plethora of conflicting information in the magazines and online just isn't going to cut it. You want clear information and instruction that will get you to your most important goals as quickly as possible.

Q. I'm already part of a running club/ I already have a running coach, can I Run Success still work for me?

If its already working with your current coach/club, and you're getting the results you want, then its best you stick with them.  However, if its not working, or you want better results then I Run Success can certainly help you.

  1. The plans are completely tailored to you, so your results will come quicker
  2. Complete accountability through your plan, email and phonecalls
  3. Training can happen no matter where you are in the world; the plan is adaptable, so if you have to travel with work or are on holiday, training can be tailored to these intricacies of life

For my clients who do continue to run with their running clubs, they often see themselves rising through the ranks of their club because they become better runners quicker with the personalised training that happens outside of their club sessions.

Q. I've been running for years and years and know everything there is to know about running; how could you help me?

The customers who see most improvement are often the ones who have been around the block a few times.

Often they've been plagued by an injury or lack of motivation, and I Run Success Coaching is exactly the right combination of knowledge and accountability to help inspire motivation in running and get fantastic results.

Q. I'm not a marathon runner. Will you still coach me?


Whilst the marathon is my favourite distance, it doesn't mean it has to be yours. My goal is to help you get fit for running whatever the distance.  What we aim for after 4-6 months of us working together is that you can decide to go for it at a 5k just as easily as deciding to do a marathon in the coming months because you are fit and strong to be a runner, and thriving! - Not just surviving from one cookie cutter plan to the next cookie cutter plan.

Q. I don't think I'm good enough to have a running coach.

The point of coaching is to take you from where you are now and improve.  There can be many reasons for taking on a coach, from starting a new sport sensibly to shaving the final seconds off your already record-breaking 5k time.

Whilst there is no minimum entry level to I Run Success Coaching, I strongly recommend that you have coped with exercise at least 3 times per week in the past. If not, I would recommend you start with personal training instead, which I do offer in Colchester.

If you're not located in Colchester, please still get in touch as I have a wide network and could probably recommend someone appropriate to you.

Q. I'm not competitive; can you still help me?

Fair enough. My goal is to help you enjoy your running more. For many this means pbs, but it doesn't have to be the only focus.

However, I must warn you that results of I Run Success Coaching are likely to include faster running, so if you don't want to get better results in races, you can always stop before the finish line and let a few people pass you before you go over the line yourself. 😉

Q. What does it cost?

Whilst my one to one personal training clients typically pay me between £250 and £500 a month, I Run Success Coaching is not even half that.  You get your interactive training plan, strength plan, instructional videos, fortnightly coaching calls and email support all for just £75 per month. What are you waiting for?

I want you to be completely comfortable with taking me on as a coach. Payments are taken securely via Paypal and can be stopped by you at any time. From the moment you subscribe there is a 3-day/72 hour cooling off period when you can request a refund.

After that, work will have been started on your completely personalised training plan and refunds will no longer be available.

You are completely in control and can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your paypal account.

Great! How do I get started?

Its really easy to get started, you just sign up here.  Its that simple.

Once you decide to get started, here's what's going to happen:
  1. You will be taken to a paypal payment page
  2. Within 24 hours of submitting your payment, you will be sent a welcome email from I Run Success with your intro pack and health form you must return (make sure to check your spam folder and add me to the safe senders list)
  3. A telephone consultation will be set up asap
  4. Once the phone consultation and medical form have been returned, work will begin on your plan. Delivery of your initial plan will depend on current workloads, but typically you can expect to receive your plan within 1 - 3 days
  5. Within the 1st week, you will receive an email to book your first coaching call

As this is a completely personalised product, I only have limited capacity - there are only so many hours in the day. Once I'm full, I'm full.  If you can see this page now, subscribe now so that you don't miss your opportunity.

Here are some people who have already done this and exactly what happened for them

After 3 years off running due to injury, I spoke to Angela to see if she could help. This proved to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

6 months on I'm running faster than in 22 years and I'm enjoying my running like never before.

David Sancto

Given I started running 2 years ago in Jan, and can now say I feel comfortable just getting up and going out to do a 13 mile run, I am amazed at how far I have come.

Thank you for your help getting me ready for my first marathon. Having something in place has been far more helpful than if I had tried to get through the last 6 months by myself.


Angela got to know me and what I was capable of, and whereas I would probably have cautiously stuck to my 9 minute mile plan, she encouraged me to train for a marathon pace of 8:20 a mile - far more ambitious than I would have attempted on my own. The training plan itself was very thorough. All of the training techniques I had read about but wasn't sure how often to partake in, or at what pace, were scheduled for me: progression runs, interval training and even strength training...

I reflected on all the strength training I'd been doing, and thought that must have played a big part in what was happening. I managed to stay within my pace range the whole way round and finished in 3:40:20. Nearly 20 minutes ahead of what I had planned when I signed up.

Matt Jones

I have been with I Run Success for over 6 months now and am already seeing huge improvements in my running. Working with my coach gives a clear plan to follow, that incorporates my work and social commitments and is personalised to what I need in order to get results. Truly the uncertainty has been taken away from training, which helps with confidence come race day - I have done the right things: I will have a good run!

My I Run Success coach has experience as well as a wealth of knowledge with regard to what works for different people. This means that the training plan is varied and interesting, but also remains focused on the goal we are looking to achieve.

Finally, and most importantly, I believe my coach truly cares; she is a vital cheerleader to pick me up after disappointments or setbacks, as well as giving sound advise as to how to move forward. I could continue my training without her, but I definitely wouldn't want to!!!

Meera Rajoo-Oakley



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I can't wait to start working with you.

Angela x

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