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How to get motivated when you just CBA!

Work, wedding planning, illness, injury, pregnancy, holiday, children. All of these things can be great, and legitimate excuses for not running or training. But what about when there really is no legitimate excuse, or you’re using one of these legitimate excuses as a cover for something else.

CBA – Can’t be arsed.

I know I’m not the only one.

I love running – it is my hobby and my life. It gives me a sense of achievement and builds my self esteem, but sometimes, despite my love of running, there are some days when I just CBA to put on my shoes and go for a run, and unfortunately, this can often last longer than just one or two days. Follow these simple steps to get your motivation back when you just CBA.

Have a plan

In order to get to where you want to go, you need a plan of how you’re going to get there. So step one is to have a plan, and of course I can help you with that – learn about online coaching here.

Commit to the plan

When I set myself big goals, I make a commitment to them. To get my goal time in a race, I commit to the training, the nutrition and the recovery. I commit to never miss a training session unless there is a legitimate reason; in my case the only legitimate reasons to miss training are illness or injury.

Any time related reason can be fixed by managing my schedule, even if that means waking up early or running late in the evening – whilst not ideal, that’s how committed I would be. Of course you’ve got to weigh up this commitment with being sensible – if you’re forced to run on your own after dark, it might make more sense for that run to be done on a treadmill in a gym to keep yourself safe.

Ask yourself these questions

If despite having a plan and committing to it, you still CBA, this list of 5 questions might help you get your shoes on.

Either ask yourself these questions out loud and say the answers out loud. Or write down your answers in a journal. Give yourself 5 – 10 minutes to go through these questions, and put your trainers on after!

What’s your goal?

Why is it important to you?

If you got your goal how would that make you feel?

If you didn’t get your goal how would that make you feel?

Ok, so what’s your next step to make sure you get that goal?

I bet when you’ve worked through those questions that you’ve come to a decision. Either, I really want to get out and run, or, my goal isn’t all that important to me. Either way, you’ll be able to stop beating yourself up about not wanting to run.

Is your goal important enough to you?

Is your goal important enough to you?

What about you? Do you have any strategies or techniques to help you when your motivation is low? Is there anything new you’re going to try because of this article?

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Angela Isherwood

Angela Isherwood is the founder of I Run Success
She is a REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer, a Run England Running coach, and a multiple marathon runner. She is a London Marathon Good for Age runner, a Boston Marathon Qualifier, a parkrun Run Director and Trainer for Goodgym Colchester.

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