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Injury Prevention

Definition:Actions we take to avoid injury

Anyone who has had an injury that affects their running knows just how frustrating it can be. Whilst many accept that injury is just part of such a high impact repetitive sport, I Run Success believes there is so much that can be done to prevent injury that it doesn’t have to be a part of running.

Training Plans

Part of injury prevention is following a sensible training plan that doesn’t push us hard all of the time. Another is eating the right nutrients to aid repair after a training session. However, there are also many other activities runners can do to prevent injury.

In any training session we bookend the session with a warm up and cool down which may involve walking, gentle running, right through to faster running toward the end of the warm up. We would include some dynamic stretching before starting the main session, and some static stretching at the end of the cool down.

Strength training

Strength training to focus on the posterior chain, single leg stability, core stability and core strength will help any runner become a more resilient runner, and thus less susceptible to a running injury.

Self monitoring and knowing when to have an extra rest day, when to devote some time to flexibility work, how to foam roll, and when to get new shoes are all factors that can help prevent injury, and I Run Success coaching can help you get better at these.

Ultimately, injury prevention helps you to train more.

If you can continue training for months or years without having time off because of injury, you will have the best chance of improving your running, and experiencing success. Prevention is better than cure.

BUT, if injury does strike, we can also help by adjusting your plan to appropriate cross training activities that will still increase your fitness ready for your return to running.

Check our Injury Prevention Resources for top tips on Injury prevention, and sign up to our Intermediate or Elite Packages to have strength training included in your coaching package.

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