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Imagine you could step out the door for your run each day, excited to do it pain free, running with joy and not suffering any discomfort. Your run feels smooth and strong and you always knew running could be like this.

But right now, you’ve got an annoying injury that keeps coming back, you struggle with your breathing every time you run, and that’s when you’re able to do a run on your training plan.  So often you’re low on energy that it’s very easy to swap those trainers for a well earned night on the sofa.

But, you know deep down that you need to be out there running.  You know that when you do run, it’s really beneficial for your body as well as your mind.  And you know that you need to do something to keep you healthy.

What you really want is to look forward to each run and not have any excuses, but be excited to go out and run every single time, because you’re confident you’re doing the right runs to get you to your goals.


I Run Success Insiders, the online Members’ club for runners.

Inside the club is clear guidance on how to approach your running so that you can spend more time enjoying your running and less time injured (And its free from advertisements, as I’m not sponsored by product sales like a magazine is).  We’ll also fix those energy issues with clear guidance on nutrition.

I created I Run Success Insiders to help runners just like you overcome overwhelm and take the steps necessary to achieve running success.  These are the exact steps I took to achieve my ultimate dream of qualifying for and running the Boston Marathon.

Is your goal important enough to you?

Step 1 – Set a compelling goal

Step 2 – Laser focus on nutrition

Step 3 – Regular strength work

Step 4 – Managing Injury Risk

Step 5 – Monitoring progress and modifying as needed.

These are the 5 steps I took, and I Run Success Insiders will give you all the tools and information needed to follow these 5 steps, as well as a group of supportive runners who are doing it with you.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Goal Setting Zone – To guide you in setting a Compelling goal that will motivate you in your running. 
  • Private Facebook Group – safe space to provide advice and motivation – it’s like the virtual clubhouse for I Run Success insiders
  • Private Strava Club – As runners, we all like to see what each other is doing, so join the Strava group so you can see what everyone in the club is up to, give and receive kudos, and take part in virtual runs.
  • Getting Started – Ever felt confused about how to do your warm up properly?  Well no more, Getting started will give you the crucial running hygiene to make sure your body stays fit for running
  • Running Hygiene – includes videos on how to warm up and cool down effectively
  • New content each month provides a focus area to work on so we can improve our running life. (March = Nutrition, April = Core Strength, May = Improve your speed)
  • Monthly group coaching call facilitated by Angela – get your burning questions answered live on the call, and a bit of extra teaching about the information in the monthly content

What does it cost?

This is like full on access to my running expertise in a way that’s never been possible before.  My personal training clients pay between £250 and £500 a month.  My online coaching clients pay £75 a month, but this online members’ club with access to my brain whenever you want is available for £15  per month.

As the club is brand new, I wanted to give you an extra special benefit for being an early adopter, and as one of the 100 founder members, you can have access to I Run Success Insiders’ for just £12.50 per month.

The doors are closed to new members at the moment, but a group of testers have been inside for a little over a week, having a look around.  Teresa has commented about how much she loves the Goal Setting Zone.

Membership opens at my online party on Tuesday 28th February at 7:30pm GMT.  To learn more about I Run Success Insiders and to come to the launch party sign up here, and you’ll also get my free 3-part video series on how to love running.

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Angela Isherwood

Angela Isherwood is the founder of I Run Success
She is a REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer, a Run England Running coach, and a multiple marathon runner. She is a London Marathon Good for Age runner, a Boston Marathon Qualifier, a parkrun Run Director and Trainer for Goodgym Colchester.

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