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It’s Taper Time!

Hello happy runners,

For those of us doing Spring Marathons, we are now very much in taper time. A time to reduce the volume of training, and deal with any niggles that may have come up during training once and for all.

The marathon is a big deal, and requires months of preparation and planning. And that is so much more than the training plan, but also testing kit, nutrition, pacing, and figuring out logistics.

As such, today’s blog is short and sweet. I’ve created a checklist which will help you get to your marathon start line fully prepared and stress free…..

You’re welcome!!

To get the checklist, click here:

Marathon prep checklist title


And, if you know any one else racing who could benefit from this checklist, make sure to share this blogpost with them.

Enjoy! And if you have any questions during this time of maranoia, tweet me or facebook me and I’ll be happy to answer.


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Angela Isherwood

Angela Isherwood is the founder of I Run Success
She is a REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer, a Run England Running coach, and a multiple marathon runner. She is a London Marathon Good for Age runner, a Boston Marathon Qualifier, a parkrun Run Director and Trainer for Goodgym Colchester.

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