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The Need for Speed

Look at these guys.  As I didn’t get to run the London Marathon this year, I was lucky enough to watch it, and on watching it saw these men blistering past me.  I am yet to watch the TV recording, but there is something overwhelmingly inspiring about seeing elite runners run.  It is part of the beauty of our sport that I was able to watch the elite women set off from as close as 3 metres away from them, and also to watch them warm up.

In the week following Nike’s #breaking2 attempt where Eliud Kipchoge had a cracking run, we need to talk about speed.

The need for Speed

As we are entering the summer and putting marathon season behind us, now is a great time to start considering running a bit faster. In fact this month’s bundle in I Run Success Insiders is all about increasing your running speed for 5km and 10km races.

What’s great about 5kms and 10kms is that you can race them relatively often without taking a huge toll on your body, unlike the half and full marathons. Because of this, several running clubs will hold race series of these events, for example a 10km each month.  This allows you to build your progress on the same course, and can be a great motivator as you see yourself moving up the field with each race.

Here are 3 tips to help your 5km and 10km speed, and if you want more, join my Need for Speed workshop this Sunday to learn all about getting faster.

  1. Drills – improve your running form – increase efficiency, run faster, get faster,
  2. Speedwork – If you’ve never done speed work before, introducing some speed sessions will really help to improve your tolerance for running at a quick pace.  To start, try something like 4x 400m with 2 minutes recovery between each.
  3. Double run days – If you’ve been training regularly for a while, you might want to introduce one or two days a week where you run more than once in a day.  The morning run would be a short, easy recovery run, upto 30 minutes, and the afternoon or evening run would be your more quality session, such as tempo or speed work.

To learn more about strategies for improving your 5km and 10km join the workshop this Sunday here: Sign up here.

What about you?  Have you experienced getting faster in your running times? What did you do to achieve this?

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Angela Isherwood

Angela Isherwood is the founder of I Run Success
She is a REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer, a Run England Running coach, and a multiple marathon runner. She is a London Marathon Good for Age runner, a Boston Marathon Qualifier, a parkrun Run Director and Trainer for Goodgym Colchester.

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