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Definition:The study of a subject to improve your skill in that subject

Training is the most important component of preparing for a running event. I Run Success will give you the best guidance in training most effectively.

Training is the study of a subject to improve your skill in that subject. In running it’s a bit different; you won’t improve your running simply by reading websites and books, you have to get out there and run!

I Run Success knows that there’s more to your life than running, and so we advise that the time we dedicate to training for an event is time well spent. We emphasise Quality over Quantity. Running is an enriching part of our lives! We have to enjoy it and to ensure we can enjoy it for as many years as possible its crucial to train smart.

Its not just about running though

We also need to make sure our bodies are resilient enough to withstand the impact forces of running. If our body has imbalances, then we need to be aware of these too. Both correcting imbalances and making the body resilient against impact forces of running can be achieved by strength training. Strength training also improves performance, and is a key part of training.

Lastly we should consider flexibility. Long muscles are strong muscles. Whilst some adaptive shortening of our muscles can help our running speed, chronic shortness can be a recipe for injury. If you are not running, stretching and strength training, there is already something you can do to improve your success in events.

Check out our Training resources for information on ideal training.

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